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2B0086422219AC6817AEB9122CDCAA90.jpg My son Doug and his new book.

IMG_0276.jpg IMG_0299.jpg

I met Heather in Amsterdam on August 22nd and enjoyed a couple of days in that marvellous city before boarding the Celebrity Constellation for our Baltic cruise. Our hotel room overlooked one of the canals, the weather was perfect and we joined the crowded streets to watch all the activities.....cycles, music, crowds to mention a few. We rented bikes, visited the Reichsmuseum and just enjoyed being there.

The ship's itinerary had a stop in Warnemunde, Germany so we took a train into Berlin and saw the most important sites and a great museum. We also visited Stockholm and Helsinki before spending two days in St Petersburg. In two jam-packed days of sight-seeing we were dazzled by all the golden domes, the treasures of the Hermitage and much more. And we went to the ballet(Swan Lake) at the 180 year old Alexandrinsky Theatre. A stop in Tallinn, Estonia was a special treat......cobble stone streets, ancient buildings and just a very pleasant place to visit.

Then we disembarked in Copenhagen, stopped at The Little Mermaid and caught a couple of trains to Astorp, Sweden where we visited Ulrika who as an exchange student spent a school year with Heather in Oakville . Now thirty years later she has a wonderful family of three girls around the same age she was when she was in Canada. I can't say enough about how well we were treated by Ulrika, her husband Hans and their daughters, Clara. Ingrid and Astrid. Ulrika runs a horse farm and uses her Icelandic horses as an integral part of her physiotherapy practice. We rode and accompanied some of her patients and it is very impressive to see someone so dedicated.

Then we returned to Copenhagen and flew to Salzburg to visit Heather's son Tait, daughter-in-law Sego and grand-daughters Leopoldine and Victoria for a week before our return to Oakville. We were treated royally and had a marvellous time including swimming, picnicking , hiking and lots more.

Last night, September 17th was the launch of my son Doug's new book STRAIGHT TALK ON LEADERSHIP in downtown Toronto. I think it was a great success and it was a pleasure to meet so many of his clients and even more to be with him and his wife Linda as well as six of my grandchildren and four great grandchildren. More than a little emotional to say the least.

FA5FD97E2219AC6817C2138385DD3231.jpg IMG_0270.jpg IMG_0290.jpg
IMG_0269.jpg IMG_0268.jpg IMG_0286.jpg IMG_0288.jpg IMG_0287.jpg IMG_0267.jpg
IMG_0292.jpg IMG_0293.jpg IMG_0294.jpg IMG_0295.jpg IMG_0296.jpg IMG_0274.jpg IMG_0297.jpg IMG_0282.jpg IMG_0284.jpg IMG_0278.jpg IMG_0279.jpg 04D9BA812219AC681794AA6211594CDE.jpg 04D9D5812219AC6817754BAEE836EA5A.jpg 04DA01422219AC6817FD0BF879B7CB82.jpg 04DA42062219AC681777F13A669167A7.jpg 04DA5BB92219AC68174413C633337C8E.jpg 04DA72EA2219AC6817EDD59C41C55B27.jpg 04DA89AE2219AC681735F8DA17E5ED9F.jpg 04DAC3F82219AC68175F98A7FAF99C2E.jpg 04DADC9A2219AC6817CE25FBFF7AC351.jpg 9A311C012219AC6817F8DF2ADBE4EC2A.jpg 04DAF22C2219AC6817F92CD8F9B28DD3.jpg 04DB2B092219AC6817419813EFCC8B6C.jpg 04DB42742219AC6817C0805A45374EFB.jpg IMG_0312.jpg IMG_0313.jpg IMG_0314.jpg The last two photos are with my granddaughterTanya and granddaughter Shannon and her children Spencer and Riley. Most of the photos in this blog were taken by Heather.

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IMG_0227.gif With Powin, Tanya, Ethan and Justin. IMG_0228.jpg EC497E092219AC6817EB374BBABFFF94.jpg. With Spencer, Riley and Shannon.

Since Heather and I hadn't been together since April I thought(and she agreed)it was time for me to visit Oakville. It has been a hectic few weeks including participating in Heather's book club, attending a wonderful Franco-Canadian garden party held by The International Wine and Food Society, attending a performance at the Shaw festival in Niagara on the Lake and two in Stratford on one day with Heather's friend Pat and nephew Cam. Both of these starred Seana McKenna who had coffee with us before the matinee. She had been a guest at Heather's Bed and Breakfast. And we had dinner at son Doug's in Toronto, a bar-b-q at a neighbour's, walks by the lake, lunches and dinners out,visited friends from L'Institut de Francais, took grandchildren Spencer and Riley to The Wizard of Oz and had granddaughter Tanya and her family for lunch in Oakville.

IMG_0219.jpg A summer evening .IMG_0217.jpg Father and son with sled made by my Great Grandfather.

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VILLEFRANCHE, FRANCE, March 30-April 26,2013

This was my seventh four week trip to L'Institut de Francais and apart from saying it was as good as ever I won't bore anyone with the details. Has my French improved? Yes it has but not as much as I expected. I guess I'll have to return next year. Heather went with me, although not as a pupil, and we had a wonderful time. We went to Lyon for a long weekend on the TGV high speed train, stayed in the old town, enjoyed some of the great food Lyon is famous for, went to the opera, rented bikes to go along the paths bordering the rivers and more. Another weekend we went to Lourmarin, near Aix en Provence and stayed with friends. All in all it was a great trip and having Heather with me made it perfect.





ÿf 09E792942219AC6817DF753CF9DEF193.jpg image.jpg IMG_0127.jpg IMG_0126.jpg IMG_0114.jpg

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E5F220462219AC68178D13E26075FD30.jpg Dragon Lake from Melinda and Wayne's deck.

I flew to Quesnel on Central Mountain Air from Vancouver to visit my daughter, Melinda and her family. I even managed to take her Mom's sewing machine which she wanted desperately. So after a day of relaxation, good food and drink we met granddaughter Andrea the next day and drove to Nazko....the site of a First Nation Reserve and in the heart of an area of soft wood lumber harvesting. This is a remote, backwoods, hunting, fishing and general recreational part of the province. So we took a picnic and followed that up with a visit to a famous.....I'm not kidding......truck stop that specializes in home made pies. What a treat !

Then Melinda and I headed for Williams Lake to see the new film "The Great Gatsby". Driving between Quesnel and Williams Lake is very dangerous at night because there are so many deer and even during the day we saw a huge brown bear at the side of the road. This is cattle and horse country so there are also a great many cows and horses in the fields. The country is green and rolling as well as quite heavily wooded. Anyway we stayed overnight, had a steak dinner and were about the only people in the theatre for the movie.

Tomorrow we are taking great granddaughters Makenzie and Erika to McDonalds for dinner and a swim at the Recreation Centre after which I will catch the evening flight home.

Arrived home last night(May 16th)after a wonderful time with my great granddaughters and a breathtaking flight. Hopefully the pictures I took do both events justice. And I am practising with captions of a sort. The iPad is a little tricky but fun.
IMG_0136.jpg IMG_0054.jpg
IMG_0133.jpg IMG_0051.JPG


IMG_0052.jpg IMG_0050.jpg IMG_0049.jpg IMG_0142.jpg Foxes in Quesnel IMG_0061.jpg Swimming pool fun IMG_0145.jpg IMG_0088.jpg Taken from an 18 passenger plane between Quesnel B C and VancouverIMG_0085.jpg 90_IMG_0160.jpg IMG_0081.jpg

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8 °C

Here they are in February F1A54FEC2219AC68171D3DCC353DDB73.jpg F1A50CD42219AC6817DB7D97C2882C1B.jpg

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